Calcium Wafer

Calcium Wafer

Calcium Wafer

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These wafers are loved by all age groups, from children to adults.
It has nutritional functions that support beauty and health, and has received high praise from many people.
With its crunchy and delicious taste, you can easily supplement the nutrients that tend to be lacking in your daily diet.
These vanilla flavored wafers are an easy way to support your daily calcium intake.
One serving contains 340mg of calcium and 3.0μg of vitamin D, which are necessary for bone health, making it the perfect nutritional supplement.

Ingredients: Flour (domestic production), vegetable oil, glucose, sugar, lactose, skim milk powder, salt, starch/eggshell Ca, emulsifier (soybean derived), leavening agent, fragrance, vitamin D

Nutrition information per piece (7.1g) Energy: 34kcal Salt equivalent: 0.02g Protein: 0.4g Calcium: 340mg Lipid: 1.8g Vitamin D: 3.0μg Carbohydrate: 4.0g Carbohydrate: 3.82g Dietary fiber: 0.18g

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