Bring your travel memories into your daily life

Bring your travel memories into your daily life

Bring your travel memories into your daily life

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Support without language barriers

Tourists visiting Japan can feel at ease by providing services in multiple languages, including Chinese and Korean. From product descriptions to ordering and customer support, you can enjoy shopping comfortably without any language barriers.

Japanese quality guarantee

We provide high-quality Japanese pharmaceuticals and daily necessities that are ideal for health-conscious customers. You can choose high-quality products unique to Japan with confidence.

flexible shipping service

Maximum convenience for customers visiting Japan. Your ordered products will be promptly delivered to the hotel you are staying at or your designated office. Even during your busy travel schedule, you can enjoy your trip to Japan without having to worry about shopping bags.


This site provides only carefully selected high-quality Japanese-made pharmaceuticals and daily necessities. Each product complies with Japan's strict quality standards, so you can shop with confidence.

Products can be delivered to hotels or designated offices in Japan. You can also safely pick up your package at your travel destination.

You can use various credit cards, Wechatpay, Union Pay, Alipay, etc. Choose from safe and convenient payment methods.

Yes, you can return or exchange unopened products within a certain period of time after receiving the product. Please refer to our return policy for details.

This site only deals with OTC medicines. No prescription is required, but we recommend seeking professional advice before use.

The prices of the products are clearly displayed on our website. The displayed price includes tax, and shipping costs are calculated separately.

Yes, this site also supports purchasing and shipping from China. Please register your shipping address after purchasing.

  • If your item does not arrive on time, please contact customer support immediately. We will respond quickly.

Yes, your privacy and protection of your personal information is our top priority. This site uses the latest security technology to strictly manage personal information.